“The Command Has Been Issued: Overwhelm!”

by Conrad Lampan, Silverdale, WA Published in The Elijah List March 21, 2016 The command is clear: Overwhelm! The Holy Spirit is calling you to overwhelm the “pull-backers”, the perpetrators of traditions, those who pull the plow backwards. “In My power, not in yours. In My power not in your strategy.” To those who every … Keep Reading

Revival unaware?

No such thing. Some Christians tend to believe that almost always revival hits a church, or a city, or even a nation totally by surprise. Yes, it can be construed as a breakthrough, it is by all means a Holy Spirit breakthrough … but unaware? Only to outsiders! The way it happens might be surprising: … Keep Reading

I Saw the Doors and They were Heavy!

This week we celebrated Martin Luther King’s Day and we saw several quotations from his speeches, particularly from the last one “I have been to the mountaintop”. “Like anybody, I would like to live a long life. Longevity has its place. But I’m not concerned about that now. I just want to do God’s will. … Keep Reading

Remove the King to make room for the King

A true “Now What” moment This is quite an odd introduction; won’t you think? In the year that King Uzziah died. Isaiah is about to tell the most amazing experience he ever had, heavens opened, the heavenly throne was visible in all its splendor and sitting on the throne none other than the Lord Himself … Keep Reading

When acceleration nears the speed of light.

Many prophecies, visions, words and promises are seemingly coming into a junction of fulfillment. I am posting here some spiritual concepts taken from Einstein’s Theory of Relativity which come along fittingly with a word my wife Claire Lampan received a few years back about “acceleration” of our destinies in God. GOD IS ACCELERATING YOUR DESTINY … Keep Reading

The Missing Body

When the women came to the tomb, Mary was concerned that the Lord’s body was missing. They were there to perform a duty of love to their beloved Lord, but could not do anything without the body. They did not realized that the body had been resurrected in power. What is it that we are … Keep Reading