Which Way Forward?

Faces As I was writing some notes on the first four verses of Ezekiel chapter one, I felt like the Holy Spirit was quite talkative and in His particular way He prompted me to read further on, although the rest of the chapter did not seem to apply to the specific theme of my sermon. … Keep Reading

The Church with Holes

A Walk on the Walls The Holy Spirit and I have been walking on top of Nehemiah’s walls rebuilt. “The Lord is looking for today’s Nehemiahs,” He said. The Holy Spirit is saying He longs for those like Nehemiah, ready to follow the heart of the Father. For some time now in our small groups, … Keep Reading

When acceleration nears the speed of light.

Many prophecies, visions, words and promises are seemingly coming into a junction of fulfillment. I am posting here some spiritual concepts taken from Einstein’s Theory of Relativity which come along fittingly with a word my wife Claire Lampan received a few years back about “acceleration” of our destinies in God. GOD IS ACCELERATING YOUR DESTINY … Keep Reading