Suddenly, as if by a spontaneous, silent call, almost as a picture out of an outer space movie, a group of people began to march together, moving toward a goal, a very definite goal which seemed to have always been clear in their minds and expectations.

They won’t stop or allow to be hindered by people or adverse circumstances. They will put a hand to the mouth of naysayers, and their actions will demonstrate power from a higher source.

They march just like following Isaiah 30:21 “Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it,” Whenever you turn to the right hand Or whenever you turn to the left.”

The church. The city church. The local church. The one that was despised.

That church that was languishing and struggling to stay afloat, suddenly is sailing through the storms with a glimpse of bright light in their scope.

That church that felt powerless trying to figure out society, has discovered that God’s plan is still the church, and the sudden realization of their identity set them to sail forward in supernatural power not in market methods.

From that church that had faced divisions, to that other that endured those who intentionally tried to bring it back 40 or 50 years, trying to force it to operate under a past generation, has suddenly been revived.

What happened?

Those who planted hindrances at every step are still there; some who delighted in driving people away from the church just to prove their theology was right, or those whose traditions held more value than the perspective of moving forward in the Holy Spirit, are still there.

So what happened?

God has suddenly showed up and He has raised a new generation within, full of life and soaked in a desire to grow.

A new generation that is not formed or wrapped by age brackets or years in the Lord. It is a new generation which has in common much more than age, and hold onto much more important values that cultural similarities, and even more importantly they have a fresh perspective of heaven’s realities.

And that is powerful.

Jesus said: “I will build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against her”

Unless you think hell comes to attack the church with doors as their weapon of choice, the meaning should of necessity be something different: It is the Church that is meant to attack hell.

Jesus is not talking about intangibles, ethereal, or surrealistic concepts when referring to the Church. Granted, the Church, eternal and universal, is built with those who from eternity to eternity have believed and became part of the Body of Christ. However, the Church, the one that is to be effective and powerful this side of eternity, in real time and space, is a very tangible one, the local church. Every local church. Yes, your church.

I believe that every local church, as a local expression of the Body of Christ, has all that is needed for it to be the conqueror. The Word of God, the Holy Spirit, the Name of Jesus, are weapons that are unstoppable in the hands of a generation that actually marches forward.

No church will ever go further than the individuals who form it are willing to go. Don’t look any further; it is not a cosmic conspiracy or a conflagration of demonic forces, and much less a political action or inaction, that stops the church advancement.

God is raising a generation within the churches, not a global army that is everywhere and it is nowhere at the same time. The new generation is found within every local church, it’s being prepared, it is getting ready to take the Church into a fresh outpouring of God’s mercy and Justice. The Holy Spirit is doing it.

It is a new generation, not defined by cultural similarities, or a shared world view. It is a new generation which has in common the realization of the true power and authority Jesus gave to the Church. It is not a sort of Joel’s army as someone defined the prophecies of Joel that leaves destruction on its path and terrifies the world, but rather a generation that taps in the source of life, eternal life and sows life in its way.

Like Evan Roberts a hundred years ago, they have stretched out their hands, touched the fire and they are burning, waiting for the sign to march.

Like Smith Wigglesworth prophesied regarding the last days revival: A marriage of Word and Spirit, this generation knows the power of the Word and the power of the Holy Spirit, and has no fear in moving in both.

Like Billy Graham, they are not afraid of preaching repentance, forgiveness and cleansing. They are not afraid of the Blood of the Lamb, nor are they embarrassed by the Cross.

Like Kathryn Kuhlman, they believe in miracles, and they declare the power of God for salvation and for healing. Restoration and reconciliation is part of their life style.

Like Paul, they can say “I am not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation.”

Pastors, you who feel discouraged or disappointed, don’t be. You have struggled for longer than you might admit. Look around, among the people who you were called to lead there are those who the Holy Spirit has placed there, who are being prepared, for that “So Much More” from God that Smith Wigglesworth used to preach about. Lift them up and release them, release your new team into the greatness God had dreamt and designed for the Church he called you to lead.


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