Not a time to mince words, a time to tell it like God says

Not a time to wait and see, a time to step in and take action

Not a time to conform, but a time to be different

This message has been on the making for a long time now and I feel now is the moment it crystallized to be released. God has given me a message for the Church -the Local Church- that I want to share with as many as possible. It is also a message for pastors and local leaders and churches that have become so frustrated that are at the point of questioning everything they are doing and finding the burden of uncertainty almost unbearable.

The Lord said to me: It is time to encourage the local church, local pastors, and local leaders to stand firm, keep moving on, even if it feels as with painfully slow steps. God says: Don’t ever doubt it, My Church is My plan and I am not even remotely done with the Church.

Pastor, you who have been attacked, denigrated, demoted and beaten by those who are called to lift up your arms when you are tired, you are not alone: For there are countless pastors walking that same path for the sake of the Truth.

Pastor, you who feel you have been left to fend for yourself and take care of the church almost on your own, with little help from your parishioners who expect you to run the church “engine” on empty, and you have stayed put because you believed God’s call on your life.

The Lord says to you Pastor, who are feeling betrayed, disillusioned, abandoned; you who set out in the full confidence that God was behind your call and after dealing with so many draw-backs, obstructions and at times plain warfare even from those who should fight at your side: I am still with you, and my call on you is without repentance; don’t be dismayed, I will always sustain you with the right hand of my Righteousness.

Sometimes you feel like that old song: “It’s not the way, I thought it’d be; it’s not the way that seemed so clear; the melody is not the one that’s in my head; it’s not the way to happiness but shattered dreams instead”

To you the Lord says: Listen to the new song I am singing to you, for I am rejoicing over you with singing, and My song is one of hope and fulfillment.

Many like you are standing out for what God really meant when He said “I will build my church” and you are finding that the worst and hardest battle is not about standing out for Christian values in the nation when most are just pulling down all that was once held sacred; no, you are finding out that it is even harder to go on with your call because the Church has been belittled.

The Lord says: My Church has been belittled by outsiders, by unbelievers, by evildoers, but the sad fact is that it happened because My people, says the Lord, have allowed it. It is time that My people humble themselves and seek My Face.

Take courage, you pastors whom I have called, just like you, many others are finding it hard to go on, to press on, to keep moving on when all things seem out of place, when the role of the Church has been questioned, and even your own role and place of action have been belittled or ignored. It is hard not to allow frustration to settle in.

But the Lord says: I am with you.

I’ll say it again: You are not alone, not only because there are so many others sharing the same circumstances, but also you are not alone because Jesus is right there, standing with you and shouting a whisper into your ears: My Spirit is with you, keep it up, keep stockpiling the goodness of God through your stance for Truth.

Keep telling My church that she is My only plan, says the Lord. And to you people who call yourselves Christians, the Lord says: It is high time to go back the way you came, to that time in your life where you first met God, before the cares of the world set in, before you started looking around for convenience instead of righteousness, and you changed from “how can I help” into “what can I get”.

In these days when many biblically established things are not convenient, when people go after churches, or preachers, or teachings that would “work better for them” instead of following God’s call to be; or when you are told that God is bringing a “new thing” and that the Church is something from the past: God is telling you dear pastors and congregations who want follow the real pattern established by the Holy Spirit: Keep going, I am not done with the Church, it is still My church, it is still My plan, you are the Philadelphia Church of little strength but you are the Church for which I have set an open door in front of you.

The place of your calling is the place where the Lord set an open door that leads to an open road of acceleration in the Spirit.

Positioned for a purpose.

The Lord has a stern word for America and all “first world” countries: My Church will prevail. Although many are waging a war of hell’s fires against her, My church is still carrying the seeds of victory in the Name of Jesus.

There is a secret proclaimed in loud voices: Revival is coming. What many do not understand is that God is sending revival not for the purpose of making your city, or nation great, but for the sake of His own name and Glory.

As I was pondering in the above words, I was also realizing how revivals seem to come in times of great distress, when nothing seems to work as it should, and in many cases in the middle of tragedies. Why is that?

The Lord says: If you pray for revival, you must be prepared to humble yourself. When you pray for revival, says the Lord I am bound by my Word to answer to your prayer. But if you are not willing to humble yourself, the humbling experience will come some other way, so that I can respond with revival.

There is a humbling experience coming to the nations in the form of economic and natural disasters, for I have promised that everything that can be shaken will be shaken. But in the middle of it all revival will bloom.

The Lord says to you pastors, leaders and congregations who are struggling to stay on the line, keeping faith alive, and sowing seeds of expectations while the sound of discouraging words and actions becomes deafening: You are in that place for a purpose, according to promise and fulfilling a grand plan.

When the humbling experience strikes, and people will be utterly astounded, not knowing where to go for help, you, little strength churches who have sought My Face will be the only places where there will be the hope of light. It will be like the time when Israel was about to leave Egypt; there was darkness over all the land, except in the place where my people were getting ready to go.

You are there with a purpose. When I say stay you stay, and when I say move you move. It is according to my plan.

Choose today whom you will serve.

God is saying to you pastors, don’t lose faith, don’t let circumstances dictate your steps, and by no means water down the message of the Gospel to your congregations, for it is congregations -first- that in this junction must hear again the message of the Gospel. Choose Me says the Lord, for I will honor those who honor Me.

And to you congregations, the Lord says, you must also choose: Are you going to serve your own little world, following after convenience, obeying my truths only if it is convenient for you or if it does not alter your schedule? Or, are you going to come to Me and go together with Me? Be My partner in the greatest Harvest of lives the world has ever seen!

Pastors: Tell it as it’s written

Congregations: Lift up the hands of your leaders


With love
And with concern

In Jesus

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