Many prophecies, visions, words and promises are seemingly coming into a junction of fulfillment. I am posting here some spiritual concepts taken from Einstein’s Theory of Relativity which come along fittingly with a word my wife Claire Lampan received a few years back about “acceleration” of our destinies in God.


“I will take you where angels fear to tread; where grown men have stumbled and gone astray. As you stay close to Me, I will guide and direct your path; stay close to Me. Listen for My voice at every junction before you venture out on the ‘open road.’ The sign posts will be there – you must seek and you shall find; do not rush and miss them, but do not stand and dwell beneath them.

“You are about to enter the open road. Be alert; be ready to accelerate as the road allows; be ready to negotiate each bend with care. Is anything too difficult for Me? I will make the crooked path straight when I release My favor and My increase. ‘Kairos’ will be a living experience for you. What was crooked will become straight.

“I am accelerating your destiny. Time is the essence and the essence is time. Do not fear the unknown; this is a road of opportunity and it is ‘open’ for you. Just listen at the junction, and then move out. You must listen at the junction for directions.

“Do not fear the danger of colliding with other traffic on the open road. No one has traveled this open road before, only I. The danger is not in collision, but in moving off course. I have set your course. I will then direct you into the paths of righteousness. The path awaits you – take courage, My child, step out.

“I will wipe every tear, hear every plea, and every longing will be realized as you align your heart’s desires with Mine.

“Glory is Mine. Honor and glory are Mine. Release My honor and My glory to My children. You will see healing in your own family as you minister healing to My Body – this remedy is not a repeat prescription, but a cure.

“Trust Me once more, My child. I want to bless you beyond measure, beyond limits, beyond expectations, and beyond.”

Claire Lampan



When I was in Bible College, we were blessed with a visit from James Irwin, one of the astronauts who made it to the moon. He came with another guest who was in charge of NASA computing systems for that specific trip to the moon. They talked about many things related to the journey – the preparation, the return back to earth, and they shared some curious facts that had us all mesmerized. But the one thing they shared, which was absolutely astounding, was a hypothetic trip in which one could reach the speed of light, as well as what changes would happen as we approach such speed.

James and his partner had us imagine we were on a spacecraft that could eventually reach the speed of light and they explained five things that would happen as we approached the speed of light. Now, bear in mind that as we speak of light and approaching the speed of light, we are also talking about God and approaching the “speed” of God because – God is Light!


One thing which will happen as we approach the speed of light is that we will become more and more radiant ourselves. As we near the speed of light, we will become so much a part of it that we become light!

According to the Bible, we partake of His nature and take from His fullness. All throughout the Scriptures we are told to be like Him, become like Him and act and move like Him. And this is not by way of imitating light – you cannot imitate light – but by way of “becoming light” and this is by “abiding in Him.”


We cannot become God, so how can we even consider the possibility of being like Him? That’s where the Vessel – God, which is provided for the journey comes in. We have been translated into the Kingdom of His beloved Son. We have been put in Him, and in Him we move and are and have our being! As we “be” in Him, He is the Vessel that can reach the speed of “God” because He is God Himself!

We can be light! We should be light! It is time that we become light and shine!


When you are accelerating to speeds close to the speed of light, you become heavier as you go. When the speed of light is reached, you will weigh as much as the whole universe. So much has been said, written and sung about the “Weight of Glory.” We have not yet realized that such weight of the Glory of God is seen – not as a detached brilliance somewhere out in the void – but rather the weight of Glory increases in us as we speed up to God’s speed! The more we are accelerated into Jesus, to God’s speed, the more of God’s Glory is shown through us.


The Glory is not the same as the Presence. We need the presence of God if we are to see His glory as well. God is not glory, but He is full of Glory, ergo, we need to be in His presence where the fullness of Glory abides. This brings me to the other aspect of acceleration to the speed of light.

If we could reach the full speed of light, our mass would occupy the whole universe. We cannot, as created entities attain to that; we cannot by ourselves. But as I said, we are in Jesus and He is God and He is omnipresent!

Have you ever thought that in a very spiritual/cosmic sense that we move about the universe with our “prayers and prophetic actions”? Prayer and the prophetic are not static. You might be sitting in one place, but what you are doing in the Spirit is affecting all levels of the realms. This is only possible because of us being in Jesus.


If we travel close to the speed of light, time “slows” down from a point of view, and if you reach the speed of light, time stops. This speaks of eternity! As we approach the “speed” of God, we are actually entering the speed of eternity, which in a very present sense means that time is of no effect then, and it becomes a wholesome, ever present Kairos!

From some point of view, it might feel as if we are slowing down as we approach eternity, but this is only our perception from within. Anybody looking at you as your time slows down from within, would actually perceive the opposite: they will see you accelerating to impossible speeds.

Have you ever felt that some person you know is experiencing more blessings or a “faster” move of God in their ministry? We experience such acceleration when we are in Jesus, and the more we immerse ourselves in Him, the closer we are to reaching higher speeds in our life and ministry.


It does not take a long time to realize that the Bible is packed with reference to the above and I leave it to you to think of all the promises we have in God’s Word aiming to accelerate our destiny to the speed of God.

It is time we realize that we have been put into eternity – we are not going into eternal life one day. We are already in eternal life and the principles of eternity apply to us here and now! Eternity is not about going to Heaven, but about opening Heaven on earth. We have been given the possibility of accelerating to Heaven’s speeds!

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