Listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying to you today:

“The time you are entering in is not a time to regret what was not, what was lost, or the dreams you have committed to the shelf.


If you would just stop spinning round and round in a life that is not the life I gave you, and if you would turn around and look at the One that gave His life so that you may have life in abundance, you will soon realize that all your cares, all the things of earth will begin to grow strangely dim.

You will also see that all those things that were not, that you thought long gone, the plans that did not materialize, the dreams you cherished, dreams that seemed to vanish like vapor, all of them are still in My hands. You cannot see them because your eyes have been dimmed with regrets and frustrations.

Get off of the sightseeing tour of failure land.

I am telling you this day, that I have seen your tears and your longings. I have felt your pain when you saw your dreams slipping away. I knew you when you were trying to reach goals, that the more you tried seemed to become more unreachable.


That’s what you thought.

And you all but decided to give up. It was all futile you told yourself, and even more discouraging to think that you had no more time left to play with the grand design of those dreams.

I also saw you, when you became disheartened and disillusioned because you believed the dreams were from Me and you could not understand why things were not happening as you expected.

I tell you again. Turn your eyes and look. Look to Jesus. And when you do I will show you that all those expectations, those dreams, those visions of heavenly achievements are still in My hands: For they are not lost.


And to you, who have achieved many goals and feel satisfied to the point of feeling no regrets, yes, you who have done great things and worked with Me for the extension of the Kingdom, I will speak to you too.

Don’t let your fulfillment become your prison. “Been there done that” is not a Bible verse. “I did it my way” is not a Bible verse either. “Things that eye have not seen, and ear have not heard, I have prepared” that is a Bible verse, and I intend to bring into your life much more than you have seen or done.

Come to Me today, come let’s get into that closet and I will show you the so much more I am telling you about. Do not allow your fulfillment -which is from Me- take you away from Me. I value relationship more than I value your achievements for Me.


As I told My prophet: I will restore the years. Can you hear Me? The years. Yes, I will restore to you the years and the things that were not will be yes and amen.

When My servant Job was put to the test, and afterwards I restored him, I restored what he thought was lost plus the increase of it as if he had never lost it. I will restore to you the years of increase that did not yield an increase.

When I restore, it includes redemption: That which was lost and that which should have been. The cattle and its increase, the planting and its increase.

When I say to you that I will restore you to the place that wasn’t, I want you to understand that I will restore you to the place that I had always planned for you, for although you were not there in fulfillment, in My timeline you have always been. You just need to align with me.


Your restoration, is linked to repositioning, not of circumstances, or conditions but of yourself aligned with Me. Don’t look for signs and confirmations aside from Me. Don’t be a Babylonian looking for the stars to tell you what I, the Holy Spirit of God have already declared about you. Look to Me for the plans that I have for you. Your alignment is with Me, to hear what I declare for your life; your alignment is with the Father’ heart, to know what he desires and to do what you see Him doing; your alignment is with Jesus, to be like Him.

You will see -it is already happening- that My church, the one I am building, is emerging. The spectacular separated from the Church is coming to an end. The big, shinny, loaded ministries that insisted on working their way separate from My Church and My plans for her are going into a steady fading process while the Church -every local church that aligns with Me- will be emerging into that Kingdom place where the gates of hell will not prevail.


Listen to Me now: Your dream might not look the way you dreamed your dream. I hold your dream in my hand, it will come to fruition, it will come to pass, but not necessarily the way you figured it will. Keep looking up to me and let’s shape that dream together.

Always remember, that eye have not seen nor ear heard what I have prepared to those who fear the Lord.”

J. Conrad Lampan


  1. I have listened to many prophecies sent by the Elijah List since the beginning of the year. Many were encouraging, but your prophecy especially touched my heart. Thank you, Conrad!

  2. Thank You Father God, Lord Jesus Christ and Precious Holy Spirit for this encouraging word, i really do pray for God’s Mighty intervention of miracles of the job of my husband to be restored becoz we are bound wth so big loans, forgive us Lord God, cleanse us with Your Holy Blood, forgive for the sins of borrowing money.Deliver us O Lord God Almighty The God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel.Amen.

  3. Please pray for us pastor conrad for our breakthroughs in finances and 24 great acceleration of our finances and the favor of suddenless, so that we can continue the ministry of help in the church.Hallelujah! Praise and Glory To God Alone.Amen.

  4. Sandra M Ramalho

    Special encouraging prophetic words for me, to listen from Him, that “all those expectations, those dreams, those visions of heavenly achievements are still in His hands, for they are not lost”. Amém Jesus!

  5. Vilma

    Thank you for sharing in such a timely manner….such a powerful message…words cannot explain how much I needed this message…blessings to you!

  6. P. Temple

    Wow! I needed this.. I was languishing in so much self generated pity because of missed or lost expectations. This timely word brought me to a position of hope and promise. Thank you!

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