by Conrad Lampan, Silverdale, WA

Published in The Elijah List March 21, 2016

The command is clear: Overwhelm! The Holy Spirit is calling you to overwhelm the “pull-backers”, the perpetrators of traditions, those who pull the plow backwards. “In My power, not in yours. In My power not in your strategy.”

To those who every time the Holy Spirit is moving find a way to turn the clock backwards, God says today: “Not anymore. Not any longer, for I have already called out those who steadily, without fear and with the strength of Heaven, will push for revival and overwhelm the status quo. They will overwhelm a lifeless shell with revival life.

“To My called out ones, revival seekers, I say, ‘Keep pressing, get together, and overwhelm the negative with life.’ Together, people, you must realize the need of being together, in one place with one mind, in one Spirit. Why do you think I sent My Holy Spirit to that upper room in Pentecost day? Yes, because I had promised to send Him, but they, in that upper room, were expecting Him. They did not know much; they have never experienced a Holy Spirit immersion before. No, they did not know what was to happen, they did not know how or what form this coming would take, but they were together, expecting Him.”

A Big Field Fire!

What is prophetically important about what I share further below? The Lord said write it down and when I did, I realized that history becomes prophetic when the Lord says: “This is happening again, here, everywhere. The small flames of revival that I showed you back in 1999 are now showing up and will come together into an overwhelming unquenchable fire.

In 1999, we were having some discussions about revivals in history and the Bible promises regarding a move of God in the end-times, and as I listened to the questions and possible answers about how it would happen, I saw a field where little flames were burning here and there, and suddenly there was a swoosh sound of wind and thunder-like noise, and the small flames became a big field fire that became instantly unstoppable. The Lord said, “This is how it is going to happen!”

I shared that with some friends and Catherine Brown from Scotland told me that about a week before I had that vision, she had almost exactly the same vision of small flames over the map of Scotland. A week later I was scheduled to preach at a church in Washington State, and when I entered the meeting room there was a big mural painted behind the pulpit: A mountain slope with little flames popping up everywhere.

God was obviously saying something, almost 20 years ago, and it is happening now– those little flames are increasing strength and will be turned all together into the biggest, largest, most massive Jesus revival the world has ever seen.

Only Seventeen!

In 1904, revival exploded in Wales, at Loughor Moriah Chapel. This chapel is located roughly about an hour from the house we lived in Newport, so we were always blessed to take visitors to the cradle of the Welsh Revival.

Evan Roberts was the instrument God used, TOGETHER with 17 people who stayed behind after a regular prayer meeting there. The pastor was reluctant to let Evan Roberts speak, however, the pastor allowed a meeting to go on if anybody would stay behind to hear Evan. Seventeen stayed. Evan’s message was simple: 1] You must confess every known sin to God. 2] You must remove every doubtful habit from our life. 3] You must obey the Holy Spirit’s prompting. 4] You must go public with your witness for Christ. Those seventeen church members began to burn with a fiery touch from God, then revival exploded thereafter. How? The desire of those 17 plus Evan Roberts overwhelmed the opposition to a move of God.

Like those 17 over 100 years ago, what we need today are those who really want revival, those who have such a desire for it that no leader, power that be, or tradition would stop their walk or quench their flame. That they would gather together, be a pack, staunchly seeking together, in spirit, with one mind, in one place, and overwhelm apathy, overwhelm opposition, overwhelm status quo, and become the channel.

It Is a Now Thing!

Now, something is boiling in Seattle Revival Center and in San Diego, and after 30 years it is still going strong in Argentina and other places we might have not heard of yet. But it is happening, the flames are coming up, it is a NOW thing, and it is a matter of time until the flames are joined into one massive wave of fire sweeping over the world.

Wales, Argentina, Holy Trinity Brompton, Sunderland, Toronto, Brownsville; Anglicans, Pentecostals, Charismatics, Baptists, and on and on. It is happening, just as the Lord said. Where is it? It is everywhere. It is manifesting in some places but the seeds of fire are everywhere, yes in your church too. We must support what God is doing in those places, and at the same time seek what He has for you in the place where you give yourself into it!

The word has been spoken, God has said it. The command has been issued: OVERWHELM.

Get together in one place and be like-minded and spiritually united. Individuals getting together, leading to churches getting together. Overwhelm. Become a flood; all together become a flood of revival. A flood from Heaven. Flood in the miracles. Flood in the salvations. Flood in restoration of families and nations.

J. Conrad Lampan
Revival Highway

Conrad and Claire Lampan left Wales to come to the US where they are pastoring The Highway Church in Silverdale, WA. Conrad is originally from Argentina, where he experienced firsthand the indescribable move of the Holy Spirit that swept over the nation since the ’80s. Conrad & Claire believe that revival is at the gate, a reality that is about to hit the world. God has given Conrad a message together with the strong realization that every local church, as a local expression of the Body of Christ, has the full potential and all the tools available to see the dreams of revival turn into the reality of Heaven hitting earth. Conrad and Claire have seen revival and are burning to share the message, “It is possible! It is at hand!” The Lampans live in Silverdale, WA with their two youngest children. Their eldest daughter lives in Britain.



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