Years ago, in the heights of the Argentine Revival, Conrad Lampan left the country of his birth with a burning desire to share those fires of revival and renewal with churches in other latitudes. With that vision etched in his heart, he first relocated to the United States, and later on to Wales, where he and his family resided for several years. His wife and children are Welsh.

During their time in Wales, Conrad and Claire planted a church -which has now given birth to two churches-, before relocating to the US, where they are presently pastoring The Highway Church in Washington State, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

The passion of their lives is to see revival birthed in every church. As Conrad puts it: “I have seen revival and I have seen the results of revival: lives changed through salvation, people healed, restoration of families and homes, recommitments, and entire cities influenced to their very foundations by Christians moving in the power of the Holy Spirit.”

During his travels, ministering around the world, Conrad has seen amazing miracles wrought by the Holy Spirit, some of them literally astounding: A cancerous tumor falling off the face of a person; a paralyzed man leaving his wheelchair and running up the stairs to the upper room sanctuary; a baby prophesied to a barren woman born at the exact date as spoken from the Lord; a girl scheduled to receive a kidney transplant having their doctors scratching their heads asking why they had considered surgery as her kidneys were functioning normally; and so many more. Miracles, salvations, reconciliations, baptisms in the Holy Spirit, anointing flowing mightily are the signs of revival. The Lampans carry an anointing to facilitate the Holy Spirit. One day as Conrad was preaching on “You must be born again”, the anointing was so strong in the meeting that this biker could not help it anymore and jumped to his feet shouting: “I cannot wait, I need to be saved now!”

Conrad believes, from his extensive research of moves of God in history and from his own personal experience, that revival is the natural result of the Holy Spirit invading a church and overflowing its boundaries with the life of Jesus. Breakthrough, says Conrad, is what happens when the local church is overwhelmed by the exuberance of the life of Jesus and overflows in the power of the Holy Spirit to reach to the very foundations of society. If revival does not affect the community, the unsaved, those in need of a touch of God, it is not a true revival.

In these days when many pastors feel discouraged, and question whether a revival is even possible in this time and in the church where God called them to pastor, Conrad and Claire have a message of encouragement for both pastors and local churches. They believe that every local church has already the seeds and tools and have been gifted with revival. The message is simple: Release yourself into what God has already given you. There might be catalysts sent to the church, but the church, every single local church already has, much like the church in the book of Acts, all that is needed for a move of God to explode within and without.

Conrad and Claire feel they have been called to help people release themselves into their calling, and to help churches see a fresh dimension of God’s power already in their midst. The local church, as Conrad calls it “The Local Expression of the Body of Christ” has the tools, the gifts, and God’s expectations for them to move in the fullness of His plan for each church.