When acceleration nears the speed of light.

Many prophecies, visions, words and promises are seemingly coming into a junction of fulfillment. I am posting here some spiritual concepts taken from Einstein’s Theory of Relativity which come along fittingly with a word my wife Claire Lampan received a few years back about “acceleration” of our destinies in God. GOD IS ACCELERATING YOUR DESTINY … Keep Reading

The Missing Body

When the women came to the tomb, Mary was concerned that the Lord’s body was missing. They were there to perform a duty of love to their beloved Lord, but could not do anything without the body. They did not realized that the body had been resurrected in power. What is it that we are … Keep Reading

The Hug

There was a time when I wanted a hug. But I really didn’t know I wanted it. I was quite the rebellious teenager, always getting myself in trouble. But not just as a teenager; growing up into adulthood part of that rebellion remained and many were the times when I had to be tamed. I … Keep Reading